The Complete Experience Online Course

You’ve read our #1 Amazon bestseller, “The Complete Experience: Unlocking the secrets of online reviews that drive customer loyalty”.

Now what?

It's time to bring your customer experience to the next level and to take powerful steps toward BEING the leader in your market, starting right now, this is for you...

In this 6-week study, each secret revealed in the book will come to life as we dig deeper into each secret of customer loyalty. 

During The Complete Experience Online Program you will have...

  • Ease of attending our weekly live training from the comfort of your own office
  • Greater understanding of your company’s online reputation and how it creates or distracts customer loyalty
  • Direct contact with our team to ask questions specific to your company's customer experience needs 

You will learn how to...

Discover the science and psychology related to online reviews
Understand how customers' emotions guide their online rating of you
Carefully examine each of the five secrets to online reviews
Identify the precise improvement to make in your customer experience strategy 

Each session includes a conversation wth Tony and Kayla as they explain each secret and its application to your business. Case study examples bring to life each segment. Each participant receives a helpful roadmap to guide you and track progress of your initiatives toward greater customer loyalty and retention. In addition, each participant also receives a bonus Q&A call with Tony & Kayla at any point during the course. 


Course Schedule

Session #1: Online reviews are impacting virtually every business today

  • Learn more about the role and reach online reviews have in your industry.
Session #2: There are hidden patterns in the language of online reviews 

  • Discover the subtle differences between each online ranking and the future buying behavior cues your customers are telling you in their online reviews.
Session #3: There is a direct link between the customer experience and 
employee engagement

  • Understand the integrated relationship between your employees and customers and the principles that ensure success to both.
Session #4: If you invest in solving the right problems, you will earn a greater return than simply addressing a poor review

  • Gain insight to the discipline of addressing the right issues that ultimately create the greatest results.
Session #5: Most companies don’t have a clear vision of their ideal customer experience

  • Discover the power and success possible when you have a nearly articulated and understood vision of your ideal customer experience.
Session #6: From Secrets to Solutions

  • Activate your learning with a clear plan that drives your online presence and more importantly, your customer loyalty. 

Help your company become the standard for customer's experiences in your industry. Your first steps begins with this course.
Enroll today. 

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